is a platform for buying and selling used cars.

The creation of this project is associated with the searching for the reason of the popularity of car groups on Facebook.  Based on the results of several surveys, I identified the target audience of users who preferred to sell cars on Facebook, rather than through well-known trading platforms.

allcars logo


First of all, I created a few mindmaps to define the main functions of the site and its structure.

allcars mindmap

Personas and user flow

Based on the statistics and the study of the audience of car groups on Facebook, I have created several typical personas. After that, I designed a basic user flow.

allcars persona


Using Axure I created interactive wireframes of the key pages. I tested the result on a few friends. First, I asked their opinion about what they thought they could do on the site. After that, I asked half the group to imagine themselves as a buyer, the rest as a seller. The testing showed good results and I decided to use this structure and interface elements as a base for further development of MVP

allcars wireframes

UI Design

To speed up the MVP development process, I decided to create page layouts based on Bootstrap and Material Design UI kits. It's a fast, clear and simple way to get a nice look for an interface. This allowed us to concentrate on the functionality development.

At the moment I am working on changing the part of the site related to the user account.

Allcars homepage


Facebook group is a great tool to understand our users, conduct quizzes and get an audience for the project.

Our group is extensively growing. Today there is about 12k members in or the main group with about 100 posts every day

allcars facebook group